Does exist any app for mobility and pressence?

I’m searching for an app for my smartphone, that allows to control the presence of my extension on my pbx.

There is a good product for elastix called Smart Assistant, but not for freepbx.

Does anyone know a simillar product?


The UCP in version12 and up works well for that and a lot more, it’s not an app just a web page that uses html5.

Yes, it’s preaty good, but no exactly what I’m searching for.

Smart assistant is able to change the presence automatically, depending of the wifi connection you handset get. Push notifications for incoming calls are very interesting as well.


Counterpath’s Bria Stretto is also an option, it provides for both calling via SIP, IM and UCP support within the Bria Client.

You can also put in a feature request at for updates to UCP.


I was scratching my head about this one in another thread, is that possibly what /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/vmnotify-newvm.php is all about? , if it isn’t then is it about the opensource voicemail module perhaps, if so what does it do?

I use Bria myself, the presence option will cost you a small amount, $2.99. It also give you the option for messaging and so forth (non-freepbx).

Do you mean Bria Streto, or just the softphone?

You was talking about software for your Smartphone, I presume when you say “Smartphone” you are talking about an Android or such. Counterpath make an App called Bria for the phone, that is all it is called, Bria. Bria Android Edition

The Stretto Platform is something that has been incorporated into FreePBX, it is a Management system for all the Bria enabled phones out on the network. Stretto System

I would say two totally different things, what you are asking for is Bria $7.99, with the option of the presence and messaging $2.99.

Bria 4 is a softphone client for your laptop or desktop machine, as is x-lite.

I see deanot26508, thanks for the information. I thought Bria softphone for smartphonea was a simple sip clie for sip PBX. I’ll try it.

Anyway, does the presence dunction permit configure DISA, depending on the presence state?


You’re welcome, it used to be a simple SIP client, but has evolved a little more since then. As for DISA, I am not a user of it, so I can be of no help there, sorry.