Does DND work with queues?


I can’t find a definitive answer. Can anyone please clarify if queue members will still get calls even if DND is on?

If so what is the point of DND? (Just for extension to extension calls?)



Using FreePBX

I assume you’re talking about the DND feature in FreePBX accessed thru dialed feature code, UCP, Phone Apps, etc. When DND is enabled, the extension does not ring for any calls.

Calls made directly to the extension will fail over to voicemail or whatever you’ve set for the alternate destination. Calls from ring groups and queues just fail silently.

edit - if you are using some means other than the stock FreePBX methods to add queue agents to queues, it’s possible that the FreePBX DND feature will not block calls to agents. All FreePBX features assume that the queue agent is logged into the queue in context from-queue.

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Thanks lgaetz. My end user was being a bit …er… silly.


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