Does anyone know?

I have a customer that wants the Polycom VVX400 series phone. His infrastructure is such that in many places he only has a single data cable. So in those cases we are suggesting to save him money to use the built in switch in the phone to connect the PC in those areas. He fears that the audio quality on a phone call will be unacceptable if the PC user is using the PC (a Dr. office where they will be scanning documents and such). My question is this, and I guess this could be asked of most any phone out there. Is there QoS built into the firmware of the phone? To me it would make sense, but I am not building the phones.

Any comments welcome. Thanks

OK so I just read the sales slick on this phone and it has QoS support. So does that mean that the VoIP packets are tagged in the phone and the data that the PC is puching through is not? Probably so and this is probably a thread that is to simple in nature.

“QoS” built into firmware of phone doesn’t make sense.

I have never seen a phone with a PC port that does not support HSCP or ToS bit marking.

A scanner or most any normal PC is not going to saturate a 100M connection.

I was pretty sure what comment I was going to get. I was looking for some expert affirmation in my thoughts.