Does anyone know who Comcast VOIP uses for Voicemail transcription?

We’ve switch a few customers from Comcast business VoIP and they all seem to have the same complaint about the voicemail transcription not being nearly as accurate. Right now we use IBM Watson which I thought would be the best out there, but apparently it’s not very good according to these comcast defectors. Anyone have any better suggestions?

I prefer google, choose the right model


Thanks dicko! I’ll give Google a shot. Hoping it’s more accurate than IBM Watson

Comcast probably uses a room full of people in Asia instead of a computer program.

Unfortunately Google does not have either the “corrupted McDonalds Drive Through Speaker” or a “Charlie Brown Special Teacher Speaking” model which are the most common In Real Life…LOL

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I don’t know if you’ve tried building anything yourself yet but we were using

and it worked well just not for anything over 60 seconds then I saw

and changed to it a couple months ago and it’s worked wonderfly.

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