Does anyone have any good CID lookup sources that work?

Hello All,

I have tried a few sources out there, metrostat is no longer, some other one is now some overseas shopping cart etc. I tried Caller ID Superfecta but that doesn’t seem to work either and doesn’t show any error messages.

Any suggestions appreciated!

bulkcnam works ok if you don’t mind paying for the lookups.

Superfecta works, but you have to replace the callerid.php with a modified version after the install or it won’t work with freePBX 2.9. A thread discussing this can be found here-

Thanks! Superfecta worked with that update.

I still had it on a line which haslookup, so I put it on a different number and only received the area and state.
What sources are you using? ( we are in the US )


We’re in the US as well. We’ve got, in this order: Asterisk Phonebook, trunk provided, whitepages, anywho, google, telco data, superfecta cache.

The ‘Telco Data’ source is what provides city/state CID’s. Make sure it’s near the bottom of the list since the lookups are sequential, and will stop when it gets a result. Like every CID scheme, don’t expect perfect results.