Does anyone have a TLS trunk from Telnyx working?

The chatter regarding this is on another thread;

but for this post the scope of the request here is different. Here I am looking for someone who can help directly with “hands on” the PBX.

I’ve spent the better part of 3 months trying to get a Telnyx TLS trunk working properly.

Is there anyone here that has a Telnyx TLS trunk working properly on their system? “With Verify Server Enabled”?

If so… would you be willing to look at my system and help with some “hands on” time?

It works “properly” with Verify Server turned off. I thought your other thread made clear that Asterisk’s implementation of certificate checking and the providers’ topologies are incompatible.

Do you think Telnyx is validating your cert when they send you calls? I just tested it by setting up a new DNS name pointing to my PBX, which does not correspond to anything listed in the certificate, and then telling Telnyx to send calls there by TLS. Surprise! Ring, ring, and I have a SIP capture to prove that they sent the call to my alternate DNS name.

Clearly, the answer is no, they don’t validate customer certs, and if you asked their engineers I suspect one of the reasons they don’t is that half of the TLS connections would be broken.

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How Freudian is a typo sometimes :wink:

Seeking hands-on assistance with configuring Telnyx TLS trunk, specifically with “Verify Server Enabled” setting.

You’ll need to modify the source code, so that when it sees Telnyx’s address, it replaces it with their domain name