Does anyone have a paid support contract with FreePBX?


we have recently installed FreepBX 2.7 on Asterisk 1.4.2 (from the PIAF 1.4 distro). The majority of the install went fine but there are a couple of niggling issues.

We thought we would do the right thing and purchase paid support to help the project out.

We logged our first call 7 days ago after raising an issue in this forum and Phillippe suggesting we would be best off with some custom dial macros being written. (Refer to this thread

We logged this call as a high priority through the paid support centre - so far our experience has been woeful.

We are a week into the problem and have raised the issue to critical 3 days ago and have so far had a single suggested fix/workaround - which as it turned out was not correct (and prior to implementing we had researched and pointed out it did not appear that it was going to work)

After raising the call to critical status - it took 6 working hours for the call to be updated by the representative and this was to inform us that he was discussing with his developers and would get back to us shortly ! The ticket ID is HPA-405196

So far we are extremely disappointed with this level of support we have received - i would like to know from other users of the paid support system if this is typical of their experience also ?