Does anyone else have issues with the speed of iSymphony?

Having deployed many PBXs, I thought I would give iSymphony a go since it became an increasing requriement in the company I work at. It was between iSymphony and FOP2 based off iSymphony offering a support model with their software.

Unfrotunately, I really wish I never decided to go for iSymphony purely because the software is not fit for purpose and the support team is extremely unhelpful and do not reply.

iSymphony licence model:

  • we have a 1000 user license (only ~800 users in the PBX)
  • 16 queues setup in iSymphony.

The infrastructure:

  • 12vCPU
  • 16GB RAM

We used to run the setup where one receptionist and one call centre manager would login. Due to the requirement of them needing to see all extensions in the system (and the poor license model that requires a license for every extension in the system, rather than every user logging into iSymphony).

We then split a dashboard into multiple tabs - to split departments up. With this setup, the software is unusable. I have sent multiple support files where a memory leak was spotted.

After deploying a patch, I am afraid to say that it is no better, therefore we reduced the number of dashboards in the system (we were told that it would cause the java process issues if multiple dashboards were set since it pulls the information each time, rather than just pulling the subset of information in the filter)

Does anyone use iSymphony v3 in a similar setup? If so, I am keen to identify how it is setup and how many users use it? Does it run poorly as it does for me? What options have to exhausted to try and make the application work to a usable degree?

Thanks for any light shed on this subject.

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