Does all commercial modules safe to uninstall without breaking any non-commercial functionality?

I usually just “upgrade all” modules when new updates are available, but never installed a new module.
Today was the first time that the blindly upgrade all didn’t go smooth.
These 5 module updates require an additional module that I don’t currently have, and I suspect that I don’t need.
Can you please tell me if it’s safe to uninstall all these 5 modules, instead of installing an additional one to let them upgrade to the latest version?

  1. Phone Apps
  2. UCP Node Server
  3. XMPP
  4. Zulu
  5. Queues Pro

It’s a small home server, I’m not using commercial licenses or anything, I have 2 extensions but they’re crucial for my daily life (I’m using this server for most of my calls), so I don’t want to risk on breaking its functionality.

Also, if it’s safe to uninstall them, is there a list (or do you mind if I’ll paste the currently installed list) so you can tell me which ones are safe to uninstall? it’s a small and old server, and I assume that it would free some server resources to uninstall any unused/unneeded module.

Many thanks!

btw, i would like to know this as well…


The missing module is Process Management, and should be available in Module Admin:

You can install the missing module, or disable the unused commercial modules, your choice.

Thank you, Lorne!

  1. Is it completely safe to remove/uninstall all “commercial” modules? if I’m using only free functionalities in my distro installation it is safe to say that all commercial modules are not in use?

  2. all 5 modules I mentioned before, are safe to remove/uninstall without breaking any free-to-use functions?

  3. what’s the difference between remove and uninstall?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes
  3. Uninstall leaves the code on your PBX to reinstall again later. Remove deletes the code.
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Thank you for your help!
Last question about it,
Does removing/uninstalling any unnecessary module that came preinstalled in the Distro, free up RAM/CPU resources, or doesn’t impact the system in any way?

Removing unlicensed modules from the system will not free up RAM/CPU resources. It will only free up a tiny amount of disk space.

Do not remove just uninstall.

frankb, why not uninstall?

Well in past posts to this forum @tonyclewis has suggested this. Him being who he is I take his suggestions.

ok, to be honest, i don’t really understand the difference between uninstall and delete. that’s why i asked.

The differences:

Uninstall - module code remains on system but the module is not functional
Delete (or remove) - module code is removed from system

Since most users are using modules provided by the FreePBX repos, you can install, uninstall, delete and download them at will, so the distinction is not relevant.

Better to just disable them. Otherwise, system upgrades will re-install and enable the modules (unless that’s changed recently).

I agree with @cullenl I would not totally delete them.

If you want to clear all commercial modules in a quick way - you can try this (my story)

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