I’m a trixbox user for more than one year now
but end of development and unsolved problems and errors made me think to move to another freePBX and some friends suggested Distro
but I can’t find any source od A2Z documentation like (trixbox without tears) for trixbox
I need a PDF that contain all the steps and manuals I need for my distro to go live
any recommendations ?

Nobody has pitched in and written one yet.

It’s fairly self explanatory, insert the CD and follow directions.

After that it’s just FreePBX and Asterisk.

You could document your experience, that is how documentation comes to exist in the open source world.

what is the most similar PBX to distro is it trixbox or something else ??

You mean like this

no I mean like

Ahh well Trixbox was just FreePBX in the end so it should be pretty close to the same thing.

I did not know about those install docs, at least it’s a start.

Ben Sharif has not updated those guides in a long time to my knowledge. The trixbox one was based on FreePBX 2.6, a lot has changed.

this is exactly what I’m talking about
we need a new ref. for the 2.9 and asterisk 1.8 or 10

If you used trisbox for a year, you should be familiar enough with VOIP to not need “training wheels.” In fact, you’ll be doing yourself an injustice if you find an A-Z guide.

Pop in the 2.10 Distro, Grab a snack and a frosty beverage and have fun… and if you break something, pop the disk back in and start over.

Feel create a guide along the way… but i think you’ll find things make more sense when you are figuring them out instead of following someone else’s cookbook.

you are right
Distro is pretty similar to TB
but I just asked for a ref. because I have already 9 sites ( trixbox servers - and around 400 IP phones ) up and running and I don’t want to change to a new PBX without a good back ground specially for the new features in Distro
but anyway you are right