Documentation of error codes

I am seeing errors like this in my logs:

SRTP unprotect failed on SSRC 759231667 because of authentication failure 10

Can someone point to the definitive source of what a failure 10 is and any other values that occur - am also seeing 160. I am working with a hardware vendor and this may link to checksum problems, versions of libraries etc.

That’s from the third party libsrtp library itself, so that would be the place to look.

The general consensus in google is to reduce your codecs.

Thanks - am already quite a short list! PCMA and U! I think it may be the vendor on the other end hasn’t implemented SIPS support. The 10 error code is documented as a replay issue the 160 I am trying to track down

Cisco are saying ‘not us guv’

Please provide the actual complete error message involving “160”.

SRTP unprotect failed on SSRC 673057028 because of authentication failure 160

Ah, looking deeper into it that’s not the error code. That’s a counter of warnings. There’s also a large comment in the code about authentication failure[1].

[1] asterisk/res/res_srtp.c at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

Thank you that’s really helpful - would be nice to add that to the log!!
Let me work with the other end and figure out what libraries etc they are using