Do you use Device-and-User mode? (Poll & Discussion)

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If yes, please comment more on your use case!

Hot seated Contact Center (testing).

There should be a better way of registering CSRs than by extension number. Just musing, mind you, but there should be an abstraction layer we could add to make this “person x is on extension y, dialing x to connect” thing work.

When I was working with Hanscom AFB (a while back) we experimented with “user” extensions that were basically connections to queues, but it didn’t scale well. Also, there were people even older than me, so there was no hope they’d ever get it.

Phones that reprovision on-the-fly based on a keypad login are one modern way of doing it. I forget where I saw this.

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Yeah, while the login/out function worked well, we were compromising on getting other pieces of the box to work (without major workarounds). I don’t think it will ever make it out of test. With the advent of softphones becoming more the norm (for contact centers) I do not think D&U mode boxes are really worth the effort.

I half wrote some code to let some old Aastra phones do this via fwconsole commands for EPM.

Customer was about to go into testing when COVID shut everything down. Now they just all work from ZoIPer.

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