Do not go in the queue if all phones are ringing

Hi to all,
I want to know if is possible a workaround to this situation:

let’s say I have 4 extensions 101 102 103 104
ring group 1000(101,102,103,104)
queue 2000(101,102,103,104)
call waiting is disabled on all extensions.

an external call is incoming
ring group 1000 is ringing
101 pick up the call
everything is ok

an external call is incoming
ring group 1000 is ringing
no one can pickup in time the phone before a second external call is incoming
on the other side the first incoming call will hear the free ring tone but the second incoming phone will listen the queue message.

this is unwanted situation for me, cause the client have to listen the entire queue message even if the extensions are free but they were simply ringing.
I tried “Skip busy Agents to no” but this is not working.
any workaround to this?
many thanks

Are you heavily invested in this structure? It sounds clunky and more work than you should be doing.

For purposes of discussion, ring groups are just very simple queues. I can’t think of anything you can do with a ring group that a queue doesn’t already handle. Getting rid of the ring group also gets rid of the “two incoming calls to a ring group causes problems for the second call” issue that you are describing.

Tell us more about what you are trying to do that having a single queue doesn’t solve and I’m sure one of us will figure out a solution.

a client is calling us
he listen the free ring tone
every extension is ringing for 25 seconds
if nobody responds to the external call than the queue message starts

The real question is why do you want them to listen to 25 seconds of ringing? Answer the call immediately in the queue and the reps will pick it up. Or set the queue up so that it rings instead of the more professional “Thank you for calling us. A representative will be with you in a moment.”

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