Do Not Disturb Question

A customer has 3 phones that have two lines attached to their phones (personal extension and main line). One of them hit Do Not Disturb wanting it to only affect calls coming to her personal extension, but it affected all lines on her phone including the main line. Once this was set, if someone called the main line and stayed on the line to speak to a secretary, it would go directly to voicemail. Is there a way for our secretaries to hit DND and have it only affect their personal extensions rather than all lines on the phone?

Depending on phone make/model, there may be a config option controlling which lines DND applies to.

Otherwise, you can usually program the softkey (or a BLF key) to dial *76 (toggle server DND) on the proper line.

If that’s also not available, set a speed dial for *76.

I will see if that works. The phones are a Sangoma S505