Do-Not-Disturb kills ring groups

Today I had a single phone in a ring group get put on DND. I got a call that Non of the phones would ring. Took me awhile to track down why and which phone. Why would 1 phone in a ring group mess up all the phones? I had the ignore CF box clicked in the ring group but didn’t seem to matter.

Start an asterisk shell (asterisk -r) then ‘core set verbose 5’.
Catch the output when you dial the ring group and paste it here.
Start with three {, then your debug, after the last line of your log put three }


What is your Ring Strategy set to in the Ring Group?

Latest and greatest FreePbx on Pbx In a Flash box.
CentOS 5.2
Kernel 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5 (SMP)

PIII 866
1.6GB ram
2 18GB SCSI hard drives

Aastra 9133i phones latest firmware

I do not use queues, just ring groups. 6 phones in this ring group. One of them got put on DND and it killed the entire ring group. Non of the phones would ring.

Without more info on your setup inc. hardware and software and versions it is hard to tell what the problem is, but i would venture to guess that either the phone is taking and then dropping the call or you’re run old / beta code that is buggy