DNS and Routing Issues on New Install

Hi all, just installed FreePBX hjhjkhjkhkjhlkhljkhklhlkhkjl

This is the distro? Firstly pm2 isn’t even installed. Secondly pages load fine for me on the same be setup. About 1 second.

Log in via SSH then do fwconsole ma installall

Your errors have been about modules not being installed. Some are not install directly via the ISO and require Internet access during the setup to be downloaded and installed. There could have been an issue during that and this could fix it by installing all the modules.

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Your original post. Point #4. First screenshot. “Unable to load”. If you read the entire error it literally tells you what you should do. Which is install pm2. It even gives you the command.

Doing what @BlazeStudios said will get you going.

Not having resolvable internet

Did you run the command above? If you pay attention and read you can see that the error happened over a week ago so you can just close it with the (X). This goes back to you not having internet even though you swear you did. This error basically says you didn’t over a week ago.

Sounds like your server has DNS issues. What’s in /etc/hosts. 10-20 seconds per page is near the limit of php timeouts. Your server sounds like it’s hosed. Especially with your internet issues and other errors. Perhaps you should start over.

No sorry nothing like this exists.

In plain English it means restart asterisk and then hit the (X). Since you already restarted asterisk you can click the (X)

You’re making this harder than it is. Everything you’ve posted about basically holds your hand through how to fix it.

You obviously have something wrong configured on this VM.
I have a test VM with 2GB ram & 1VCPU. Never disappoints me.

If you constantly have the “Apply Config” button showing, without you making any changes, you gotta look if someone else has access to this machine, or you perhaps have automatic jobs running that are making changes?

please help!

Can you please explain EVERYTHING what you setup?
You mentioned VPN, later you mentioned another NIC.

Please explain your setup, in order for us to help you.

Question to you. Why do you need to have two NICs?
That’s probably causing some issues here, because I assume you don’t have a default NIC set.

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Curious. Can you explain a bit more? There’s noway you expose SSH or any of the server services without forwarding ports. So what’s the difference if you forward ports for eth0 or eth1?

If you search the community, you’ll find plenty of posts on this topic.
Here’s one.

We are not using port forwarding.

Okay I’ll have a look at that article and report back, thanks.

This is Linux, RHEL7 based, setting up a second NIC is a standard Linux based thing. Have you just looked up “How to add and configure second NIC linux”?

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You are doing things wrong. You are not doing things you are told.

Your system has no valid DNS. Do you even understand anything you are saying here?

A multi-NIC install is not a default scenario. You have to pay attention and think while performing the setup.

I run systems with multiple NICs with no issues.

But as someone else already said nicely. WTF are you talking about with a WAN and a LAN NIC. Your explanation makes zero logical sense.

The title of this thread is “new install is totally unreliable”. When someone says you didn’t have internet during the install you come back and say you did. You seem very defensive whenever anyone tries to help you.

Then at post 11 people learn that you have a non standard dual nic situation that you failed to mention in your original post. People are getting frustrated with you because this thread started off with the title “new install is totally unreliable!” Without all of the facts/details.

If this keeps going down the road of victim/attacker this thread will get closed. Let’s get back to business. Now that we know you run with two nics maybe we can get somewhere as long as you keep providing all of the facts about your system.


Apache binds to This means that it will listen on the lan and Wan addresses. Don’t believe me? Go look in the apache conf files.

Who knows. No one does. It’s not freepbx. It’s your system or DNS. You should focus on one issue at a time but most likely this is the result of bad routing/DNS on your end.

It sounds like you have entire network issues with this machine. Modules are installing. Pages aren’t loading or are slow. You change a network setting and stuff “crashes”. You can’t get fapache to show websites on the lan even though it’s binding to

Shouldn’t it be obvious by now that you have network issues on your system?

Start off simple. With one NIC. And go from there

For any of this to work on a multi homed system your routing must work, how have you defined your routing?

Never mind all that , what is the issue of

ip route

Believe what you want, what is the issue of your

ip route ?

That will remain a problem until you do :slight_smile:

I think @dicko is looking for the output of the ip route command from the console. I believe some static routes need to be set. Even on a multihomed Windows machine static routes may need to be set so this isn’t just linux/FreePBX dependant.