DNS and

I have read in guite a few docs and wikis that you must have as the first DNS in the network settings. Is this still true? i also see and So,

is this what i should use?


You need to set the DNS to resolvers that are capable of resolving the hosts you want the box to communicate with. Those are very generic examples.

Instead of plugging random numbers I suggest you learn what the numbers mean. is the Loopback Adapter on your server. It is used to access local resouces on the box. The IP is an IETF standard. It is usually aliased to localhost in /etc/hosts This file is checked by the resolver prior to named.conf and are public Google name servers is a root name server sponsored by Level 3 communications.

It is usually standard practice to use one of the authoritative name server provided by your ISP.

The standard text on the subject is called “DNS and Bind” it is published by O’Reilly and you should have a copy next to the loo so you can be as exciting as I am at parties. Chicks dig DNS experts.

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I will research it. I saw this http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/5813 and I know my dns is (my router). My question is does have to be in the dns?

Ok so I now know that need to be at the top. DNSMASQ would work if the internet is down so you can still make internal calls im guessing. Out of curiousity why would the wiki include googles DNS servers? what would that do?


Googles DNS servers would resolve any public hostname.

It is also important to understand that is not your DNS. Some routers have a DNS reflector. I don’t like using it, adds an extra step and makes troubleshooting issues harder.

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can i ask what do you use for your dns? I am sure my router is reflecting my dns from my isp. I can use those dns servers instead of or googles dns. I am sure there are even more optios out there. what do you use? do you even use Just curious.


found this… pretty cool tool. measured googles dns servers againt mine an they are 20 percent faster. I know this is off subject. Sorry

I am the wrong guy to ask. My company has our own DNS and runs authoritative forward and reverse zones. We have Bind and Ms resources.

We do run caching DNS on all asterisk boxes and do use localhost/loop back.

If the site has a local DC we use that.