DND NOT Playing Visual Voicemail

Not sure this is the right category, but we are using Sangoma S500 phones and it seems when the phones are put into DND then voicemails will not play at all. Is there some setting to allow the voicemails to be played even when on DND???


Sangoma firmware: IMG BOOT ROM

No visual voicemail wont work as Asterisk wont send the call to the phone with it on DND

I must not have made myself clear. This is not a call this is pressing the voicemail button to play the voicemail that was already left…

Are you saying from the phone app when you try to press play it calls the phone?

Yes voicemails are saved on the PBX not the phone so only way to play the message when using visual voicemail is to have asterisk call the phone and tell it to auto answer.

Oh, well that is a hard sell with my customers :frowning:

Not sure what I can do here for you. You are trying to have voicemail played on the phone when yours in DND. Your only option would be to not use Visual Voicemail and use the dial voicemail feature code so its your phone making the call not the PBX calling your phone as the case with DND.

I am sure we could work up a way to still force the call to the phone for visual voicemail even when in DND since it is server side DND not phone side if you open a feature request but that will take time to work through the feature queue and not something you would have a solution for in near future.

That would work at least… How do I open a feature request?

Issues.freepbx.org. Under the phone project.

On Yealink phones you can set numbers that will ring through when in DND on the phone not the server, maybe Sangoma phones have this feature ?


No as it’s all server side not phone aide. This is a FreePBX server side issue.