DND Icon color changed from Red to Black at Isymphony

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Hi All,
I’m using FreePBX 15.0.16. I’m using Isymphoney module. When I turn DND on by dialing *78, just for couple of seconds the color of DND icon changed from black to Red and after couple of seconds again goes black. It should remain Red till user turned of DND. It was working well but don’t know what happened. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone get a chance to look into it. Here you can watch what exactly is going on.

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You may find a faster answer at http://www.getisymphony.com/support/

the module is essentially a wrapper but their software does all the heavy lifting. If there is a bug they may know.

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Thanks for the writing. I think it’s not something at Isymphony. The same Isymphoney version and configuration I’m using at other machine and it’s working. I think somehow freepbx is not sending DND state to Isymphony.

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