Diverting all incomming calls on trunk

Hi All,

I have a question.
It sounds pretty simple but I still have not thought of a solution.

Basicly I need to divert all inbound calls on the trunk to a mobile irrespective of the DDI called.

I have a single sip trunk that supplies about 50 DDI numbers.
Normal setup, 1 main line and ddi numbers for each extension.

The incoming routes screen is busy with the routes for each DDI and all that works fine.

I have a call flow setup on the main number that performs the divert function and works fine if people call the main number, however incoming calls on the various other DDI numbers are still being routed to their original path (direct to extension and then ring group if unanswered).

I have tried a catch all but that must have a lower priority over more qualified inbound routes. I even tried to use wildcards in the DDI but again assume they have a lower ranking over ‘fully matching’ DDI routes.

Does anyone have a method to achieve this.?

Many thanks.
Hv. :cry: