Divert calls to mobile phone and keep CID

we currently use *72 and *73 to divert calls to a mobile (cell) phone when we’re not in the office. This works fine but we lose the callers ID, the caller ID of my office is displaying instead of the original callers ID.

I have tried removing the Outbound CallerID from the Trunk, and selecting Allow Any CID

Hmmm, Idk about call forwarding but I know for sure that Follow Me retains original caller ID. However usually when this happens it’s because your phone line provider either won’t allow you to change the caller ID or it’s configured wrong on that end.
What do you use for phone lines?

We use gamma sip trunks and the caller id flexibility is switched on allowing us to present any cli

addisonb, slightly related, when using FMFM, is there a way to prepend the CID with a string? To distinguish if a call on my cell is coming direct or from the office.

Unfortunately there is not a simple way to do it from the GUI although it is something a lot of people have wanted. If you search through the forum there are example of how to do it with a custom dial plan.