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Distro stuck at booting when no internet connection

(Tony Lewis) #21

Their is a timeout already. Has been for years. Just tested with my box and no internet and it started just fine.

(Dotcom) #22

Unfortunately this timeout is not working on our Distro machines…

According to Andrew, the timeout should be 10 seconds. As you can see in my screenshot… it shows 2 minutes. What could cause that?

Are you using cached DNS records on your box? (or static via hosts?)

Also, in which file is this timeout set?

(Rob Thomas) #23

This is almost always DNS. If you don’t have internet, make sure you don’t have DNS records that are pointing to the internet. By default, the distro runs dnsmasq on, which will quickly return an authoritative ‘fail’, rather than waiting 30 seconds for a timeout.

(Dotcom) #24

I guess it will impossible to have no single DNS record which points to the internet…

The question remains… How can I set a hard limit on the startup process so it doesn’t get stuck?