Distro Security - Changing Default Passwords

When installing a new system, what default passwords should be changed?

From reading previous posts, I know the following passwords should be changed:

–System ‘root’ user password
–Manager Password
–FreePBX Password

Is there any other passwords that should be changed? How about the MySQL database?

as best as I recall, we don’t display it there as it is not something you can change there.

you can find the MySQL user/password in /etc/freepbx.conf (or if not there, /etc/asterisk/freepbx.conf).


but i can’t find any mysql root password.

is the advanced system settings menu in freepbx gui ?


Thanks man.

a great chuckle first thing in the mornfig - thank you scott!

At least you understood it was dry humor. Sometimes my sarcastic sense of humor ends up in ridiculous long threads explaining intent and stuff.

Have a good weekend. We will be setting up for OTTS training!

Well I don’t remember setting the Mysql password. I was trying to install openfire but have no idea what the password is.

Snooper said:
Well I don’t remember setting the Mysql password.

Tony said:
We randomly create the Manage and MySQL password.

Skying, smacks him on the hand with a ruler and says, pay attention.

You can find the password in the advanced system settings menu.

That is the great thing about our Distro. We randomly create the Manage and MySQL password. The first time your log into the GUI you create your own GUi username and password and there is no stock password for the system

The root password is set by you on install so nothing to change there either.

OK guys.

The root mysql password is just passw0rd. After lots of internal talks and chatting with others on the next release we are not going to set any mysql root password.

The theory being if someone has root shell access they should have access to mysql. It is kind of pointless to set a mysql password for the root users since they can single user mode into mysql in about 2 seconds even if there is a mysql root password.