Distro Installation Failing / Problem created after you guys updated to -2

I’ve installed the FreePBX Distro in excess of 15 times. Everytime a new version comes out, I reinstall on VMWare machine.

Yesterday, when I heard about the root situation and the updates to -2, I installed again from the ISO that I downloaded a month ago. The install proceeds as expected, and in the end, the system boots up into Centos and reaches the login screen.

However, FreePBX is NOT installed. Amportal Restart gives an error message (“command not found”).

I’ve tried twice with the same result.

Can you try now. It should be fixed after someone reported it to us a few hours ago. Please let me know either way after you install

I just completed an install 15 minutes ago, with the same result as yesterday.

I just tried and it worked for me. My guess is you got the old kickstart before the new one had synced to all three servers.

Just tried again now, and it appears to be working. Thanks.