Distro install hangs

I am trying to istall latest freepbx distro (14) on a brand new computer.
Gigabyte GA-AB350M-HD3
Memory Corsair DDR4 2666Mhz.
Installation hangs on this screen

Can someone help ,please

You need a active internet connection during install. If your NIC is not supported with the disc your installation will fail.

thanks for your response.
Changing the nic moved the installation a step forward.
Now its hanging on a black screen with a mouse pointer.
If i do ‘advanced and troubleshooting options’ → ‘run memory test’ and then type
‘journalctl’ the last page looks like pic.

Any idea whats wrong now.Could it be the graphic card.Its a radeon hd6450.

Do you have a raid controller installed?

Maybe something with Hard Disks or some kind of unsopported raid controller?

No.No raid controller installed.
are you sure that this issue is related to the hard disk ?
If it is a hd issue then i will try with another disk.

No i dont know. iscsi is used for Network volumes.
I cant help you there sorry. But changing the disk will not really help.

Have you already investigated some time into searching for the red lines what the reason could be?

I downloaded the CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1708.iso for testing.
Same behavior.It stops at a black screen ,showing only the mouse cursor.
Just before the language selection screen.
Any help ,please

If you suspect the video card, you can use the “Advanced Install” option and select “text only” for your installation. There’s another thread open right now about (I’m having trouble searching, or I’d link it so this discussion).


Here you go: NUC Install thread.

Thanks to everybody.
Problem solved.
Update mobo bios and seems that everything works smooth until now.

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