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Distro Conversion Tool - not converting IVR

(Joe Sulmar) #1

I’m migrating from FreePBX 2.9 to 13 using the Distro Conversion Tool. It seemed to work great, except that my IVRs were not converted. Any advice what might have gone wrong?

(Rob Thomas) #2

Best thing to do is open a ticket on and attach a full backup of your 2.9 machine. I can then go through and figure out what went wrong in the conversion tool and fix it!

(John Jarrett) #3


I noticed this too. Was a ticket submitted as I searched and browsed the issue tracker and couldn’t find it? If not I will do it.


(Rob Thomas) #4

Nope. Please, take a full backup of your machine, create a ticket and send me the ticket number. I’ll lock it down to only us, and you can then attach the backup there.

(John Jarrett) #5

Stupid question, backup the donor machine with a regular full backup? Don’t send the .crypt file, which somehow I assumed was the backup when I filed a report on IAX configs not moving over.

(John Jarrett) #6


FreePBX - 17737 was created.


(Rob Thomas) #7

Yes. The ‘crypt’ file is an encrypted file that can be sent across the public internet without fear of someone in the middle inspecting the contents. The key is not recoverable, and is negotiated at the beginning of the conversion process.

It is, basically, random data after the conversion processes have exited.

(John Jarrett) #8


I added drive link to the issue tracker.