Distro 7 almost out?


I just saw on the module admin, that the firewall has added support for Distro 7 and FreePBX 14. Does this mean they are about to be released?

I’m in the process of switching to 13, but if 14 is about to come out, I’d be happy to wait a little while.


Distro 7 will be released in an early beta hopefully this week, and it will also come with FreePBX 14.

13 to 14 is very minor.

Any guess on how long the Beta will be?


A while as it includes the start of FreePBX 14 which is still months away from being actual beta ready with new features. FreePBX 14 at this point really is just to support php 5.6 and we are working on the new features in 14 as we speak so beta of this ISO will be atleast 6 months I bet.

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Thank you, that helps me plan my deployment.


Take one hour to install Distro 7