Distro 6 to SNG7 upgrade in production

Hey, I am just wondering, when approximately will the upgrade path from distro 6 to SNG7 be production ready. Does any kind of roadmap exist?

Thank you

I tried it.
took many hours because I didn’t watch it and press enter each time it needed it. My system got hung up on software I added, humbuglabs collector. The Sangoma RMS broke. Other than that it worked just fine.

Thank you for sharing your experience. In my case, it took about 2 hours. During the install, two or three MySQL consistency errors popped up and now I have like 20 unsigned modules that I am trying to fix via fwconsole ma command. Fwconsole shows update/install is ok, but the modules still throw an error, either when I try to “apply config” (exit: -1) or when I try to run retrieve_conf script. For me now, the system is unusable after the upgrade.


Have you created a ticket as instructed in the troubleshooting section of the wiki page you followed to run the upgrade, if so, could you post a link to the ticket here?

As for modules being unsigned, are you sure it is that problem? Could it possibly be the problem of commercial modules not having been redownloaded as they need to?

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hey, thank you for the response. No, I did not create a ticket as of yet, since I did an update on the clone of my production server, just to test it if it goes well or not. Since it is not a production environment I wanted to try to fix the modules myself, if it starts working or not. Will do some more testing and if without luck I will rerun the upgrade on the reverted version of the clone and file a ticket.

Thank you