Distro 10.13.66-22, Chan-MOTIF and Asterisk 11.25.3

Good day!

I rarely have issues with my FreePBX Distro because when things are working I tend to leave things alone and updating is done some time after updates come out.

I updated today to 10.13.66-22 and I am still using Asterisk 11.25.3. I saw the issue about updating the Chan Motif module needing asterisk greater than 13 some time back and ignored it as everything was working just peachy.

I updated the system and now I can’t use Google Voice unless I update to Asterisk 13 or above. I don’t want to… I’d just assume stay on 11 but would like Google working.

Is there anyway to drop back to the previous Chan Motif module? I believe there is but can;t find it.

Or should I “man up” and switch asterisk to 13. And if I do so, what version of 13 will be installed and what Gotchas might I see? I just read one post about not being able to add a network after upgrading to one of the version 13 updates.



There is no asterisk 13 requirement in this module. It works with 11 just fine

Thanks Andrew, but…

States clearly, “Requires asterisk (>=13)…” and it is fully disabled. I have nothing to roll back to that I can see other than what is already installed.

How can I make this compatible?


Bump? Am I wrong in what I am seeing that it does state it requires >=13? And disables it.

Should I place this in bugs?

Added to bugs.

Why would you ask then file it anyways?

This was fixed an hour ago

Just trying to be helpful and figured I ought to add it. And there was no reply to the thread that stated it was fixed.

Sorry for trying to be helpful in fixing an obvious error/bug.

To be fair we added google oauth support which is not supported by asterisk 11. Someday in the future google will abandon plain text. So the module was correctly tagged to only work on asterisk 13 or higher do not a bug. I didn’t realize this until we looked but for now we just blocked out oauth on asterisk 11 instead of blocking out the whole module from asterisk 11


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