Distro - Direct Dialing Extensions Issue *BUG*

Having major issues when trying to dial extension numbers while in an IVR. This issue happens all of the time when trying to call in with a cell phone. When checking the full log it says I tried to dial 1800 instead of 1802 which is not correct.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this??

Have you set the levels on the trunks with fxo_tune?

The DTMF paramaters are global, far fewer on DAHDI, I think the other relevant setting is relaxdtmf but you will have to look that exact syntax up.

I would suggest configuring your DTMF properly. It is not a bug in the software.

ok?? and how do I configure my DTMF properly?? Does this need to be setup in chan_dahdi.conf ? or on the actual extensions??

Additional Info:

I’m running a openvox a1200p with 10 fxo connections connected to 10 analog phone lines.