Distinctive Ringtone on Grandstream Handsets

My first time setting this up on FreePBX. I thought it should be as simple as specifying something like “External” in the Inbound Route and then do the same on the Grandstream handset. That’s what I did but the ringtone is not distinctive/changed when coming in through the Inbound Route. What am I missing here?


I’m having the same issue at the OP - has anyone got a straightforward way of having a distinctive ringtone for external incoming calls?

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What phones are you using?

Hi, same phones as the OP.

Grandstream GPX2160

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IIRC, unless you are using Sangoma phones, you have to enter the Alert Info specifically for your phones by hand in the “Alert Info” box. It won’t appear in the drop-down menu. In fact, I’m not even sure it will come back when you re-edit the page.

Perhaps a Feature Request is in order? Tie the drop-down list to Commercial EPM (incentive) phone settings? Perhaps just give the user a way to add new Alert Info strings that can be appended to the Sangoma List in the drop down? Think about it (the latter will be cheaper to implement, the former will give EPM another feature to improve value).