Distinctive ringtone for internal calls

Is it possible to call a particular extension , choosing (i.e. with a prefix) a different ringtone from default one to be played, in order to give the phone owner a warning ? (i.e. "when you ear this tone, run immediately into boss office ! " :grin:

Sure, that is what Alert Info is for. If you want a specific distinctive ring for an extension by dialing a prefix, you need to write custom dialplan for it.

I have found that it is easiest to set the alert info for inbound routes and or ring groups. Set the a different ring tone for them. That way you get different ring tones. Of course your phone must be able to do it as well.

You can set custom ringtones/alert info under the advanced settings

Yes, ring groups also have Alert Info
Is enough to make the only wanted extension part of ring group and set the alert info matching the phone’s one to make it ring with alternate ringtone ?
It would be straightforward just to call ring group number…

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