Distinctive Ring Questions

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I would like to set up distinctive ring for 3 scenarios, external calls, internal calls from another extension and then the door bell (its a sip door phone).

How can I accomplish this? We are using Cisco SPA 504g and 509g phones.

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Use two ring groups for the external and the door. At the ring group options there is a option for alert info to alter how the phones ring.


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Excellent. Any idea where I can find valid alert info settings for the cisco phones? When I click i the alert info box all it shows me are options for sangoma.

Try this for “inbound route” setting


try this in the phone


Can you please explain this in detail I dont understand what that means.

Thanks and Sorry

In my suggestion above, I suggested to try a Snom altert info string… This can be used in “Inbound Routs” and/or in the “Ring Groups”

You can try that and see if it is possible to use it with Cisco phones you have. On the other hand, if you know the names of the built-in rings, you can try something simpler

In alert info field of the “Ring Tones” in the freepbx, try some of these and see if the phones react to i

try the above without the htttp:// , but keep the brackets. Change the ring names with the names you can see in the phone set. configurations. It will be some pocking. Most likely with Ciscos you do not the

These would be on the phone, so chances are they won’t be there. On the other hand, the ringlist.xml file (which should be loaded by TFTP) should have a long list of ring tones that you should be able to use.

Using Chan-SCCP-B, I can load about 50 ringtones on the phones for people to use in various way. They can also be used in the Alert Info to provide distinctive rings. I’ve used them to differentiate Local, Long Distance, and Intercom phone calls.