Distinctive ring per extension - alertinfo

Just curious, have there been many questions about have a distinctive ring per extension?

If so, I have developed a solution.

Over the past few days I’ve dug through the FreePBX code embedded in my Elastix server. It’s using v2.8.1 of FreePBX so perhaps this is a moot point now. I’ve been able to patch together some very simple code (all together about 10 lines of code scattered throughout one PHP file) that allows users to set the “Alert Info” field per extension.

I’ve done limited testing between two phones and will do more.

But… I wanted to know if this feature is worthwhile including in a future FreePBX release?

PS - This came about because I wanted an easy method to mark internal extensions for a specific ring VS outside calls. I realize there are other solutions but I was angling for something more GUI related and not command line.


Hi Jason,

Your post came up in my searching for distinctive ring information for FreePBX. I’m using Digium D50 and D70 phones with FreePBX, and have a couple phones with multiple extensions on them. For example, we’ve got a phone at our admission desk with one general extension, but also two more extensions for staff that work at the desk. The lights next to the lines indicate which extension has an incoming call, but we’d really like to be able to set distinct rings to avoid answering the private extensions thinking their general calls.

Is this something your code would allow me to do? I’m assuming I could pull up the extensions and add different alert-info that says to use a unique ring for all calls to this extension? If so, I’d be extremely interested in this feature!