Distinct ring for internal/outside calls -- How Please?

Hi All,

I know this has been discussed before but it’s confusing after reading everything here. Using Alert_Info has been mentioned but not the details on setting it up.

What are the details for setting the alertinfo in the routing for calls coming from outside to have a distinct ring? I’m using the Grandstream phones.

IF there is another simple solution, what would that be? Many thanks in advance.

I can’t seem to find a definite answer, and it seems all info is for people that use grandstreams.

I am trying to do this just in server. Using polycom 560, 330, linksys mix.


The problem is that the “something” that must go into Alert Info is dependent on what the ENDPOINT expects to see. As an example, most Linksys/Sipura devices expect something like Bellcore-r* (replace the * with a single digit in the range 1-8) BUT that can be changed on the device, if you have full access (think of it kind of like a password where it must match at both ends, but it’s not necessarily always going to be the same thing, even on the same type of device). You have to find out what string the phone or endpoint expects to see for a distinctive ringing pattern, and use it EXACTLY (proper capitalization, including a hyphen if called for, etc.). This may be in the endpoint’s documentation (if it can’t be changed at the endpoint) or it may be somewhere in the settings for the device. Some devices or phones simply may not support distinctive ringing. And, if you are using a zaptel-based card and pluggng a phone or phones into that, I have no idea what it expects to see - it probably varies depending on the card.

I’m hoping that this will help someone else trying to set up the ring tones on the Grandstream phones.

This is what I did to get it working.

On the Advanced Settings on the PHONE I set the Distinctive Ring Tone where it says Custom ring tone 1, used if incoming caller ID is:
to ring1 and the second to ring2 and the third to ring3. Notice the ‘no space’ between ring and the number.

Then in FreePBX on the incoming routes I entered in the Alert Info block this----> ;info=ring2
This will ring the 2 setting on the phone. If you put in 3 it will ring the third setting, etc.

For those that don’t like the default phone ring styles you can upload your own to the phone and use that.