Displaying wrong number when forwarding to cellphone

Hi All,
This is my situation:
I have 3 trunks and multiple extensions , when a certain call is not aswered the call is forwarded to a cellphone (i created a ringgroup with the mobile number ending with #) When the call is forwarded to the cellphone it displays the number of the first trunk(and thats not good …).So I created a dial pattern on the right outbound route with the mobile number i want forward to … But this doesn`t help .
Can someone explain me how to get it right ?

Freepbx 13

Forget about the forwarding for a while.
First answer yourself a question: can I call my mobile with the arbitrary caller id?
If yes - make sure the trunk is configured to pass any caller id.

Hi Andrew ,
When im making a call trough my extensions it displays the right caller id. (I am using the app extension routes)Only when forwarding to a ring group with an external number it gos wrong . I`m able to send every id I want, but in this case the call go"s trough te wrong trunk. So the question is :how to force the ringgroup with the external number to use a specific trunk.

This is was I used in the past:

  • ring group is configured as a destination for the incoming route (local DID);
  • in the ring group: Mode - Change External CID Configuration = default;
  • there is an outbound route for the foreign cell number with the number of trunks configured
  • in the trunk configuration: CID Options = Allow Any CID

Then for the locally originated calls I had to specify the desired caller id in the “Fixed CID Value:” in Follow Me configuration for the given extension.

Hi Andrew,
Solved my problem with adding a prefix to the dialpattern of that trunk.