Displaying the Outbound Route Name

As a help in testing, monitoring and debugging I would like to see the Outbound Route name displayed for a call. It would be useful for monitoring the dial plan functionality. It could be a mouse over in the CDR or in the call detail, or just somewhere.

Isn’t this already a feature of the Call Event Logging module? I can see the name of the trunk…isnt this good enough?

Check out Jared’s post here where he has a predial hook macro recording the outroute: Not Seeing OUTBOUND_ROUTE_NAME anymore

That will record it in the full log, but if you want it in the CDR, you can add a line to record it to the CDR(userfield).

Seeing Trunk Name only skips a step as Outbound Routes select the trunk. To confirm the dial codes in the Outbound Routes it would be useful to see which route was selected.
This is especially true of cases where the first choice of Trunk fails and additional Trunks are attempted. All of this activity should be visible. There is information available in the CDR by hovering that I generally find not useful. Adding additional hover call information would likely be useful to many and not offend anyone. Thank you.

Adding it to the Call Event logging or the log would help but requires more effort to discover the info. Better to find a good spot in the call records.

PS: Add the Codec for the call to my list. Changes by a VOIP vendor might alter the negociated codec and it is very useful to easily check the codec in use for calls periodically.

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