Display user speed dials

Is there anywhere in freepbx where I can see and change user speed dials?


a pretty open ended question. there are system wide speed dials - is that what you are referring to? you can create speed dials using the end point manage and load those to the phones - is that what you are referring to? with the exception of polycom phones, if a user creates a speed dial on the phone, the only place you can see what they did is by looking at the phone itself.

bksales, thanks for your reply.

I can see the system wide speed dials from FreePBX (Asterisk Phonebook module), but I was referring to when the user adds speed dials from their extension by using *75. How can I see from FreePBX, as an administrator, what speed dials they have set?

I can see them from the Asterisk console by:
database show ampuser/‘extension’/speeddials


sorry i forgot about those. unfortunately i don’t know of anyway from the gui that you can see them.