Display of redirected phone numbers on devices

Hello all,

when calls on extensions cannot be answered (busy/not available/no answer) I redirect to another ring group or other destination.
I did all this using the ‘Optional Destinations’ feature in the extensions.

Now I would also like to see that the call did not go directly to this call group, but that it was actually a redirected call from the original extension.
I do this by adding something to the ‘CID Prefix’ of the ‘Optional Destinations’ in the extensions (e.g.: Redirect from Paul:).

This works without problems this way, only my phones (Yealink) convert complete CID (with prefix) into a name from the phonebook, as soon as they recognize parts of the number in the phonebook.
So the 123(ex: Tom’s number) does not become ‘Redirect from Paul:Tom’ but just ‘Tom’.

In this forum post from Yealink this is also described like this: http://forum.yealink.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=40679
So solution suggested is to disable the lookup in the phonebook.

But this is not an option for me, I need the phonebook lookup in any case.

Is there any other way to solve the problem, to show the redirect on the destination phone (with source at best)?

Thanks for your help.


I found out that if I don’t change the CallerID via the prefix in the extensions settings, but via the module ‘Set CallerID’ it will be displayed on the Yealink phones as desired, even if the name is found in the phonebook.
Here I then simply have to create an entry in ‘Set CallerID’ for each extension for its forwarding destination and the respective change of CallerID.
I can live with that.
Additionally, in the Yealink phones, in the Dial Plan settings, you can still create rules in the Rewrite Rules, which allow a callback via the device and removes the changed prefixes again (one each for internal and external).

Maybe this helps someone.

Many greetings.

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