Display incoming CID in pickup group phones

Hi, guys!
Sorry, I am newbie in FreePBX.
Have implemented it after our Unify OSBiz died.
Everything works great, but I have a question, regarding Call Pickups.
I have configured named “Pickup groups” , for extensions 111, 222, 333 in advanced setting i wrote the same pickup group “Sales”. And now they can pickup calls with *8 and it works absolutely fine.
But can I somehow display on the phone, that somebody is calling someone in “Sales” group?
Our employees want to see who is calling whom, before they decide to pick up or not. And want to see some indications if they don’t hear ringing.
Thx a lot!

How about using a queue or a ring group? Both of these give you this capability and extend the flexibility of your group.

Thank you for your answer!
But this is not a Call-Center or something.
One guy call other guy with direct extension.
And in case the recipient is on his lunch or in WC, the other guy in a same room pick up his call.
How can I implement queue or ring group in this scenario?

What phones or other devices are you using? With most IP phones, if you set up BLF keys for extensions 111, 222, and 333, when those phones ring the corresponding key will blink rapidly, and the phone’s display will show ‘calls for pickup’ or similar with the caller’s name and number. Touch the BLF key to answer the call.

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