Display inbound route on caller id

Hey guys, sorry I have a bit of a strange case here, and I didn’t see any other posts on a use case like this. We’re running the latest version of FreePBX with Asterisk 18.20.2.

Doing a new deployment setup and for a few inbound routes, they want it to show on the caller ID before they pickup the call, which inbound route the caller called in on versus the caller’s phone number so they know how to answer the call. Certain accounts get their own phone number and they need to answer a certain way regardless of who’s actually calling in.

I’m sure there’s a way to do this, just don’t want to break anything before I go poking around

Thanks in advance

You want to set the CID Prefix field on your inbound route to whatever you need it to prefix the normal CID with when it reaches your internal phones.

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