Display custom caller ID for specific inbound phone number ranges

Hi, we’d like to display custom caller ID (company names) along with the inbound phone numbers for specific number ranges, for example:

We know that all 01 777 XXXX numbers belong to “Star Consulting Ltd.”, when a number within this range calls in, eg. 01 777 6000, we’d like our phones to display:

Star Consulting Ltd.
01 777 6000

The phonebook module doesn’t seem to support number ranges, and manually input hundreds of individual numbers isn’t practical. The CID Superfecta module has number range variables but can only mark the numbers as SPAM?

Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thank you.

You can add a custom CID name on the inbound route for those Caller IDs. For the CID look for _X patterns.


As @spioli said, you can define a single inbound route to catch CID of _01777XXXX with a CID prefix ahead of whatever is delivered for CID Name. If you want to replace the name completely, send calls from this route thru the Set CallerID module, and then on to whatever destination you need. Superfecta can do this as well with the ‘Abandon Lookup’ module, but it’s more work to config than the Set CallerID module.

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