Display CID from inbound calls on extensions not actually ringing

I have a ring group set up to take general calls and CID identified from the Asterisk phone book. The inbound route parameter is set to ring the first extension in the ringgroup list not already on the phone following a certain order.
Does anyone know if it is possible to show the inbound call CID on the screens of the other phones (all of them or the available ones) even if the are not ringing? Or does the extension actually have to ring?
This would make it easier for certain people to “pickup” so that they can pickup if they see it is someone for them while I maintain priority for most calls to a particular extension.

I’m not sure whether you can display CID without actually ringing the phones, but one of the following ideas might get you started:

  • Use distinctive ring to silently ring the phone which should also show CID
  • If the phone has an XML push feature (ex: Polycom has this) you could use that to display the number and other data on the phone
  • Use an out of band notification (ex: slack, twitter, growl, etc.) to display the number on another device.

Distinctive ring. Perfect.
Thanks. And sorry for the delayed response!
br / J.

Hi @JamesHartley.

I would like to realize the same idea.
Could you give some more information .

what needs to be changed , enabled on freepbx
what do i need to change on my snoms ?

thx a lot

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