Display CallerID on Calling Phone

I’ve got an 15th version of FreePBX, and i can’t find this Display CallerID on Calling Phone parametr, is somebody help me, where can i get this option?

It’s in advanced settings…

if this so easily, but there is not, i haven’t got this parameter on my version in advanced settings, that because i write, maybe there is command which enable this parameter?
this is the path to this settings (/admin/config.php?display=advancedsettings) right?

It could be that you have to activate “readonly settings” and “overwrite readonly” first and reload.

where can i do that, and how, i don’t understand, coud you help me please.

i found this option (Display Phone number on Calling Phone) but there is no (Display CallerID on Calling Phone) parameter.
When i call, i see cid on the phone only with prefix, if i delete prefix from dialing rules, the cid is empty, no prefix and no outcoming number.

As I said…if some advanced settings are missing on your system, enable the two readonly-switches in advanced settings

To display the CallerID on your phone correctly depends on a lot of things. Where are the names stored on your system? In contact manager? Did you use the same format in contact manager as the incoming calls use? Does your phone support contact manager? What phone is it?

EDIT: For some phones the only solution is CID-Superfecta…for incoming calls. There is also a module (unsigned) for outgoing calls…it’s called outbound-cnam.

i found it, this is god damn language, in other language there is no parameter (Display CallerID on Calling Phone), when i turn it menu language on english, it has appear, i have no normal words for this situation, well thanks for helping me.

Be aware…this is free software…you don’t have to spend a buck, but you have to spend some time to understand it. I always use the English interface, even if my first language is German.

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