Disconnected MySQL from GUI


I hope I’m in the correct forum. About 10 days ago I ran a CLI command attempting to gain remote access to our asterisk DB. Apparently I’ve separated the GUI from being able to write to the DB. What ever I write in the GUI does not get input into the DB. If I create a trunk it does not appear in the sip_additional.conf file. If I input the trunk info manually into sip_additional.conf the trunk connects, but it does not show as available for use in the GUI to use as a route.

Can someone please help me with a suggestion on how to reconnect the GUI to the DB?

Thank you.

If the GUI wasn’t connected then you wouldn’t even be able to login or do anything.

Thank you. I wish I’d thought of that before I wrote…

I’m still having issues to update things, but think I need to catalog them specifically before I jump back in.

Again, thank you for your reply.