Disappointed with P330 and PhoneApps

I’ve just got a P330, I am quite disappointed with the phone itself and its PhoneApps.

For the phone itself:

  • It is way too large. If you put this next to a Yealink T46, or worse, a Polycom VVX411, this thing is massive. Admittedly the large screen is what makes it so wide, but still this takes up more space on my desk than the pictures would have you think.

  • It is very plasticy and some of the buttons are either hard to press (confirm and the 4 arrows), or too soft and mushy (left and right pages key).

  • You can’t combine the call pickup and blind transfer functions. If you want to be able to pick up calls, and make easy transfers… not happening. I can do this on other phones.

For the apps:

  • In the contacts app, it shows two sets of the same contacts, because it is taking data from the line keys and PBX contacts. If I use the filter option on the app, it forgets it when you close the app, and the option in Endpoint Manager to show a specific group only applies to 2 phones, and this isn’t one. Further, if you open a contact, you get options for things like intercom even though I have that feature code disabled, and blind transfer which seems a weird place to put it. The dial voicemail option also doesn’t work. The phone page of phone apps administration has no options either. Want to hide a certain group? Nope.

  • If you want to disable the ability to change status, but leave do not disturb available, you can’t. If you hide the phone app from the keys, you can still get to it by the info button, tapping your extention in the top left, and then status. There’s no button you can put on either the side or bottom keys to immediately toggle DND, you have to go through the status screen. I see a DND option in the Phone Apps page of the admin panel but the Wiki page for it is dead and I can’t see any option for it to be set as either type of key.

  • If you are on a call and want to park it, I would have expected that tapping the Parking button would park that call, or show me an option to do within that app. NOPE! The app is only for picking up calls, so if you have the call pickup option on, but blind transfers off, you have to either enable a park horizontal line key, or use the transfer button first. You can’t simply tap the Parking button for the phone app. Weird.

  • Voicemail has a glitch where if you play a voicemail and rewind on it, the bar to show you the listening progress will continue, even though the audio itself goes go back. It look like like you are at the end of the message even though you could have rewound and be listening from the start again. I do like the easy call back, forward, and toggleread functions though. Move is useless as there continue to be Family and Friends folders within Asterisk/FreePBX that can’t easily be changed.

  • The conference phone app isn’t an option for either type of button, nor does it display on the phones Applications menu, but I have a conference set up.

  • The call flow phone app isn’t an option for either type of button, nor does it display on the phones Applications menu, but I have a call flow control set up.

  • The follow me phone app isn’t an option for either type of button, nor does it display on the phones Applications menu, but I have follow me set up on this extension.

  • The queues app also has no option for a button, but it is in the applications menu. Strange.

  • The time conditions phone app isn’t an option for either type of button, nor does it display on the phones Applications menu, but I have follow me set up on this extension.

  • Most of the Wiki guides are for older phone where the advice often doesn’t apply.

I expected more considering the extortionate price of this phone (which I put down to how I don’t need Endpoint Manager or PhoneApps licences)… I am very disappointed. Even if I’m doing a few things wrong, I’m certainly not doing all of this wrong and it’s likely I’ll return the phone and stick with my Yealink. Oh well.

The Sangoma P330 is new…and it is the successor of the Digium D65. It is supposed to work with PBXact, the Digium phone system (forgot its name) and freePBX. It just uses the DPMA apps, not the phone apps the S-series is using.
Look at the history of firmware updates, every month new features are added.
I think it is already a good phone and might become a great phone for freePBX in the near future…but I am just a regular user.

Yealink T46…really???

Dear Customers,

Yealink hereby informs you that the SIP T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G has been discontinued since April 1st, 2020. After the date, new orders for the product would not be accepted.

After the End-of-Life date, Yealink will not pursue any new feature development on SIP-T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G,

Did you discover the Digium style of name search in contacts on the P330? Press any key just once for the 3 letters.

Did you realize that you can scroll through dozens of BLFs on the screen with just a press of a button? ALL vertical buttons change, except the line key.

Aren’t there options for the horizontal buttons in the Digium template of the EPM? Since you complained about missing or wrong buttons…

Indeed it is new, and I already felt that some of the previous phones looked better build before even buying the P330. All of the information I’ve seen implies the P series uses the full suite of PhoneApps. Even at the distributor, I clarified that Sangoma phones unlock PhoneApps and Endpoint Manager to which they said yes without any mention of DPMA. I hope it does become better, but I would have thought it would be a bit more polished for a new product this far in to FreePBX personally :slight_smile:

Also the P330 features page says conferences and queues, but conferences is missing and queues are hidden away on the menu.

To be clear, I already had the T46, and although it lacks some of the nice features of the P330, it is also much more feature rich in other areas and even though no new features are coming, at least if I have issues I can get support without the extortionate credits system here and their docs are better. For example on the T46, you could conference call up to 10 people at the same time, without needing to add them in 1 by 1, completely separate of the FreePBX conferencing system. This HAS been useful to me before where I needed a 6 person conference really quickly. I wouldn’t buy one now with its discontinuation but I do feel I got better value out of it.

No, that’s not something that most people would be aware of without either happening to try it, or finding out about it somewhere. It isn’t an advertised feature on the features list for example.

My T46 does this too with up to 3 pages, and the display shows you when you when there is something happening like a call on another page. Haven’t tried that on the P330 and it does seem to support far more keys, but many phones support multiple pages.

Yes, and the same applies, there are missing features.

The P-series is based on the Digium D-series, therefore they need DPMA, which is the Digium phone module of Asterisk. I am/was a fan of the Digium phones…therefore I am optimistic that the P-series will be successfull.
Queues are not supported yet…I think…

OK…I am wrong…this applies just to the P370


You can post your feature requests or bug reports here…
Use screenshots of the phone

Kind of on the point of bad documentation, I didn’t know that they required DPMA, which isn’t mentioned in the manual for the phone, which had me confused for a while when setting it up.

Interestingly the page you linked me to says the P series does not support the conference app.

Yet this page says it does: Mid-Range Phones - Sangoma Technologies

This is a shambles.

Well I’ve already laid out my issues of missing features and bugs in this post. I know I could check and do it on the issue tracker but there are so many here that I’d rather return the phone while it’s still an option than wait and hope it improves. One must buy on what they see now, not what a company may or may not promise for the future :slight_smile:

Well…freePBX is not the only supported phone system…so I guess new features might be introduced in Switchvox first.
But maybe you wait a bit til someone from Sangoma responds :wink:

If you found some issues with restapps module about this kind of device, then just open a support ticket to fix it.
I think that will be the best way to do.

Just an idea like that. :wink:

My understanding is I would not be entitled to any support. Even so, this amount of issues should have been found in product testing before it was released. I should get a discount for being their beta tester!

So, anyway, if you feel to get some issue, your goal will be to don’t open a support ticket?
Nobody’s perfect though, but you can make some effort to open a ticket.
Phone Apps being a commercial module, you’ve got everything to open a ticket and bring everything all you need to fix here, isn’t it?
I don’t get you on this point, sorry.

I think it’s not the right place to fix your issue.

Like I said, I didn’t know I could. My understanding was that I need a bronze support package for ANY support beyond bugs. I didn’t say I wouldn’t, so why did you jump to that conclusion?

I will open a ticket, but again I go to my earlier point… these issues should have been picked up earlier by quality testing the product. It looks like no quality testing has been done. I am well aware they can never test for every scenario and system, but this level of issues on the latest firmware? On a new install of FreePBX on my end? Only the fanboys can not agree that there should be less issues.

EDIT: There are no options to choose the phone when opening a ticket…

You can open a ticket on Restapps (Phone apps) module and specify what’s the kind of device you meet this is issue.
Feel free to put some screenshots and write the steps to replicate your issue.
It’s useful for QA team, Support team and dev team.

Otherwise, contact the support team and they will open a ticket for you

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