Disadvantages of Orange Reload Bar

Hi - I have three questions:

  1. When I make changes to my FreePBX system, should I be timing when to press the orange reload bar to apply the changes? Does the reload process cut-off calls, or have any other disadvantages? I do notice my CPU load will go up to 100% during a reload.

  2. I want to dynamically update the “Display Name” for an extension. If I used an external SQL statement to update the “Display Name” field in the database, could I just follow that with a retrieve_conf followed by a reload at the CLI?

  3. Same question as #2, but I’d be updating the voicemail enabled/disabled status.

Thanks in advance.

I have done maintenance and changes while a full load of 5 to 10 calls was running on a system using a dual core “Atom” 330 with 2gb of RAM and no-one on a call knew the difference.

If you are using a system with an older celeron or 1g Pentium it might be a problem but I doubt it.

I can’t give a definitive answer on your other 2 questions, but I think all you need is the reload from CLI or FOP.

Doing things behind the back of FreePBX will probably not be recognized on a reload only. It would probably pickup whatever was “in state” the last time an update was made via the GUI.

That question is a little over my head but I am quite certain about orange bar updates while people are on calls. It does not cut them off.

The display name will be recognized immediately upon a submit, it is updated in the astdb and picked up immediately by the dialplan. I can’t recall on voicemail enable/disable but believe that may be the case.

In general though, you are better doing an Apply Configuration Changes. If you run retrieve_conf, it is the same as pressing the apply configuration changes for the most part.

Given the nature of your questions which would allow me to infer your level of understanding of the internal workings, you would be well advised to not try to do anything through the ‘back door’ as it is very likely that you will end up breaking your system. There are a lot of subtle things that you can break by doing some of what you describe (including running retrieve_conf manually).

Thanks for your comments, Philippe.

Let me ask a question about your last paragraph…

If I did want to update the display name, and the enable/disable voicemail indicator programmatically, is there a safer way to do that than what has been described above?