Disable VoiceMail for all extensions

We migrated to a new server and FreePBX , I imported all 500 extensions and enabled VM .
Our customer base is 60 years & older, and we want to disable VM for all extensions.,
except for a few business extensions.

BELOW method is obviously not the right method.
Can you change this setting by logging into the freepbx mysql an issuing a SQL command
MariaDB [asterisk]> update users set voicemail=“novm”;

select voicemail from users where extension=7700; (VM enabled is “default”) No VM is “novm”
| voicemail |
| novm |

That’s a good start. The next step is to rebuild the “real time” versions of those in Asterisk and in the VM config file.

IIRC, the VoiceMail config file is read off the disk when the system starts up. In the olden days, this file wasn’t managed by FreePBX, so you’d have to go into the config file and turn off the Voice Mail setting for each extension. I haven’t looked at this since Asterisk 11 or 12, so the method for control on this could have easily changed.

One thing you could try is restarting FreePBX (when everyone is out so you don’t mess up the phones) and see if the FreePBX config updates the Asterisk conf file.

Once you make the changes to the database you have to do a “fwconsole restart” so that everything is read from the database and updates.

The voicemail.conf is one of the few things that FreePBX doesn’t store in a backend database. The file is read and parsed when you’re in the GUI. So the system would need to see that the extensions have voicemail removed and rebuild the voicemail.conf without the extensions.

Thank you Tom & Dave for your great help. Tested on Test PBX running on VirtualBox
Worked perfectly, many thanks for the assistance

  1. vi /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf (delete voicemail entries under default section)

  2. mysql -u freepbxuser -pPASSWORD asterisk (See /etc/amportal.conf for AMPDBPASS=“PASSWORD”)

MariaDB [asterisk]> update users set voicemail=“novm”;
MariaDB [asterisk]> select extension, voicemail from users; (Should all be “novm”)
| extension | voicemail |
| 7901 | novm |
| 7900 | novm |

NB: This updates the entire table users as a WHERE clause was not specified

  1. fwconsole restart

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