Disable user panel main page


I was wondering if there’s a way to disable User Panel on the main login page of FreePBX. When i disable the User Panel module it just removes the User Panel item from the Menu once the admin logs in to the FreePBX administration module. But I;d like to disable the ability for users to even get to the User Panel or disable the ability to log in to the user panel.


Not in freepbx 2.11.

so this was possible in earlier version but not in the latest one (5.211.65-16) ? is this something that will be brought back ?


It is something that can only be disabled in freepbx 12

thanks tm1000! ill be updating to 12 as soon as it comes out of RC/BETA.

Hi there. You can disable this in 2.11 now as well. Simply upgrade to 2.11.4 of ARI Framework and then you will be able to uninstall it (weird I know)

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that’s good to know tm1000. i will try it today. Thanks for your time and help!