Disable Too-Late notification

Clients are complaining that when a call has been picked up from a ring group the others get a VM stating the call is no longer available. I think this is the too-late notification and is therefore leaving a voice message. is there any way to turn off the too-late notification?

I’m going to guess you’re using Call Confirm with this Ring Group? Because of that you’re going to end up with this. Normally the Ring Group would cancel the other calls when answered but since you have Call Confirm on, there is no guarantee the callee that answers will accept the call therefore it needs to continue to ring the other users in case the callee enters anything but 1.

If I press 2 that means I’m not accepting the call so it should still ring the others in the group to give them a chance to answer it. If the calls were cancelled when I answered but before I gave a response, me ignoring the call would require the PBX to then re-dial all the other members so they could try an answer.

So yeah, Call Confirm will always do this due to the nature of that type of call.

From the way you worded it, it seems like the call actually has been answered, in which case Tom is correct. However, there is a bug that is preventing anyone from answering a a confirm call if the ringgroup is routing to extensions with follow me.
Although this issue has been marked as a duplicate, I’m pretty sure it’s not. I just don’t know what to do to get someone to fix it.

This issue and the ticket you are referring to are not 100% the same. They are displaying the same symptoms but this is a Ring Group with Call Confirm having an issue. That ticket is for a call hitting a Queue -> Extension -> FollowMe. Even the ticket they say it duplicates is about FollowMe.

Could they be related? Yes since Ring Groups and FollowMe both deploy dialparties.agi. But as they are completely different call flows they need to be treated differently. Calls coming from the Queue have a different flow process than calls from a Ring Group.

Sorry, my wording wasn’t clear. The situation is that the clients ring group sends calls to external numbers in a remote office. Any of these numbers may have VM enabled so they didn’t want to risk it going to VM on a ring all strategy and the call not being picked up. However no VM’s are being recieved saying the call was already picked up… its a little matter and I have explained the functionality but if there was a way to switch it off that would be great. If not… oh well…

Oh, so you are getting voicemails on the external phones with the too-late message? I don’t know how to get rid of the message, but maybe try reducing the ring time so that message would have played before the VM picks up.


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